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Are your holiday "Foodie Fears" taking over? Chanting away...

What is a FOODIE FEAR?

It's when you are on a healthy eating journey and you almost dread being with others for fear of failing or hurting some ones feelings by saying no thank you.

So what do we sometimes do? We avoid going, we cave in, we sweat a week prior to going, trying to build up the strength of what to do or it is a combo of all the above and more.

The Holidays can be healthy and fun.

So, if you are having a melt down about eating healthy with all of the holiday family functions and the office parties? It's time to breathe.

Start with breaking down how many actual functions there are that you will attending in comparison to the amount of other meals you eat? We seem to want to lump 5 functions in as a 3 month activity.



Here are some survival tips to help you WIN:

  1. Embrace that "No Thanks" is not a mean word. It is you actually saying YES to your health and skinny jeans!

  2. Eat before your go (suggestion: proteins)

  3. Drink 64+ oz. of water

  4. Modify your own recipes

  5. Eat more veggies at the party

  6. Choose smaller portions on a smaller plate & that doesn't mean piled high

  7. Don't waste your calories. Remember what you really want beyond the event

  8. Don't save all of your calories for a foodie fest because you end up eating more than planned

  9. Prepare ahead mentally & be excited about your healthy choices. You are taking care of yourself and that's something to be proud of.

  10. Slow down when eating. Set your fork down and eat slow between bites

  11. Remember that after 3 bites the brain has had its taste fill. Anything after that, is on you and about you.

  12. If you choose to drink, have water in between each and choose lower calorie and lower sugar drinks

Most Importantly...


Enjoy your family & friends. It's a time to be grateful for what we have and who we have in our lives!

Happy Holidays,

Health Coach Tammy

Do you want better health, weight loss results and a coach?

Set a time on my calendar and lets get you started!

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