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From Resolutions To Reality: The Secrets To Shifting Your New Years Resolutions To Wins

New Year’s resolutions go hand in hand with the month of January. It’s a great time to begin or restart your journey to lifelong transformation and optimal wellbeing, and move forward with renewed resolve!

Think of a New Year’s resolution as nothing more than setting a goal. Write it down, so it feels concrete. Plan it out with your Coach, so you have a strategy for attacking it. And keep it real, so you set yourself up for success. Too many resolutions fall by the wayside because they couldn’t be tackled with small, manageable steps.

Set achievable goals by using SMART objectives. SMART stands for:

  • The more detailed and targeted your description, the better your chance to achieve your goal.

  • Break your goal down into quantifiable elements for concrete evidence that you’ve met your objective.

  • Is it possible to meet this goal? Think about the steps you’ll need to take to make it happen.

  • Appreciate the importance of what you’re doing—beginning a lifelong journey of establishing good health and achieving optimal wellness.

  • Set a deadline. Specify when your results will be achieved. It will give you the focus and sense of urgency to make your goal a reality

  • Be excited about what you are going to accomplish and bring it back to today. That future self is a winner, so he help him or her win today.

  • Be committed! So set yourself up to win. For example: Put your house on a diet from the foods that call your name when you want to lose weight. (Chips, soda, sweets, donuts, alcohol or anything you over consume in)

Every New Year brings new beginnings.

You do not have to be alone on this journey. Lets create a healthier you & weight loss together. Accountability is a game changer in reaching and maintaining results. Lets get started today!

Here's a link to my calendar. Lets connect.

Happy New Year!

Your Health Coach Tammy

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