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Hair Pulling Holidays? Tips to silence down the crazy!

Breath! Walk! & Laugh!

Literally breath during your day, because it has a calming centering affect and it reminds the brain to slow down. Refocusing can help you to not take things personal and help you to respond verses react to situations. Take a walk and learn to laugh at the world.

Take Turns With The Relatives

Sometimes having split families can cause a conflict with the where do we go this year? You can prepare ahead and break up the times or you can visit one family at one holiday and then go visit the other at the next one. Even alternating years might be of a benefit.

Host It At Your House

If the stress of traveling each year is more than you'd like to handle, you may want to have family over to your home for the holidays. This can also be a big win when you are eating healthy. You get to decide what you are having. Turkey Time can be healthy, tasty and fun.

Be Prepared

If Mom always picks on your hair or Uncle Joe dislikes your kitchen décor, breath and realize that's about them and on them. Yes, its annoying but that's more about them not you. If they have always been that way, they probably didn't have a huge change over night, so prepare for more of the same. That's when you just laugh and know they will probably bring some drama to the occasion but you aren't falling into it. Let your personality shine over it all and just make up your mind to have fun.

My momma always said, "Kill them with kindness" and I added, Just breathe & laugh.

Remember: Sometimes when people aren't getting to you, they stop trying to.

Just Say No

Guess what? It is ok to say no. You can have a quiet holiday your partner and your kids. No shame and no blame. Just a choice that's best for you and your immediate family. Maybe you would rather snuggle up to your dog and have a cozy day? Its your holiday, you get to decide.

Surround Yourself With Positive People

Its a beautiful place to be when you are surround by happiness and people who want the same as you. Pick up the phone and call a friend who matters a lot to you. Thank them for being a positive friend in your life and wish them a happy day. You can even invite all positive people to your event. Win! Win!

Lastly, Don't be the hum drum in the room

If you are the one bringing in the drama, maybe its time to do a self check. Decide you want to have a different kind of holiday. Bring the energy to the lives that are around you and watch what beautiful doors open. It's a choice. Be grateful that you have them in your life to even spend the time with them.

Have fun!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Your Happy Health Coach Tammy

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