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Finding inspiration on days you feel like quitting

Updated: Sep 4, 2021

Have you ever stood on the scale and decided to quit on yourself because it didn't show the number that you "expecting" it to say? Have you ever felt like having a wresting match with your scale because it went up a pound when you stayed true to your food plan? What about the ONLYS?

I "only" lost 1 pound....only only only.....Have you checked out what a pound of fat looks like?


How about the wins?

We can get so consumed with the pound sound that we miss out on our wins and we get stuck in a closed mindset...then we blame the scale, the plan, the coach, the past, the kids, the dog, our partner, oh and ourselves since we know we always fail at things???

STOP and really listen to your self talk!

One of my favorite saying is, "Where our focus goes our energy flows"...

We then create more of what we are in fear of and of what we invest our thoughts in to...

So, what are your wins today?

A suggestion would be to make a list everyday of 3-5 things at least with an attached emotion of gratitude and excitement. "Celebrate" your wins like you just won the lottery! Actually you have...your health and healthy energy state are priceless and golden in life to have. So embrace those wins.

Here's a few:

* You drank all of your 64 oz. of water

* You have more energy to do........

* You stuck to plan

* You took a walk

* You got into a different size

* You liked being in the family pic

* You can tie your shoes

* You can zip your boots up

* Your doctor reports are coming back great

* Others around you are eating better

* The seat belt fits better

* You didn't quit

What's yours?

When you are feeling wonky about things...take a brain check time.

Ask: What am I telling myself and how can I make this different & celebrate.

Have an amazing day!

You are worth it!

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