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Mother's Day The Healthy Way

Mother’s Day is approaching! Even though one day a year really is not enough to honor the most important people in your life, Mother’s Day is an excellent opportunity to express your gratitude to those who cared for you.

Here are some ideas to ensure you stay on Plan while enjoying the special day:

·        Have a Lean & Green brunch, lunch or dinner. The key to a great day is a healthy and nutritious meal. Plan ahead and be excited about the time you have with your family. Making healthy meals together can be fun.

·        Host a lawn game. Spring is here and it is the perfect time to take advantage of the nice weather by getting outside for a game of croquet, corn hole, outdoor Jenga or horseshoes. Split into teams and drum up some friendly rivalry. Make it a Mother’s Day tradition and pass the trophy to the winner each year.

·        Head to the Farmer’s Market. Visit a nearby Farmer’s Market and spend the morning picking produce, browsing artisanal products or planning your Mother’s Day meal ahead. You’ll never know what you may stumble upon!

·        Have a movie day. Get the whole family together and pick out a few movies to watch throughout the day! Kick back, relax and enjoy the family time.

Take a walk together! Grab those walking shoes & just make the time to talk and be together. We often are met with busy lives and so make it your intention to connect. Making family memories are golden gifts we get to hold close to our hearts.

Maybe your mom has passed. Maybe you are the man in her life reading this. Either way this can still be a special time. You can still do family things and/or remember her for all she did for you. You can also reach out to others and wish them an amazing day.

There is a specialness that comes with being grateful for others and sharing it.

Have an amazing weekend!

Your Health Coach & Friend,


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