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One decision can change your life ~ Here was mine

I Walked right into 2024 in my mission mode and I am still focused! !

I have Already lost 60#! YESSS!!

That is the most I have ever lost! I feel great! 

It has not always been great.

I had a period of time in my life when I gained weight even though I ate healthy. I went through some trauma and some toxic things that I kept inside even though I smiled on the outside. I even did that for years but my health has showed up a few times to remind me to wake up.

It finally REALLY showed up in Jan. of 2023.

In Jan. of 2023 I was told by a doctor again, that I would not lose weight. I was pre diabetic and I had a mad liver(meaning triple enzymes and on alert for liver failure) Side note, it wasn't from eating unhealthy things or drinking alcohol.

I've been a health coach for 8 years, my life is built around health but I still had things to let go of emotionally and to release somethings. SO, on that day when the doctor once again told me I would not lose, that I could maybe take weight loss meds when I became diabetic, I DECIDED ...NO MORE!

He even showed me a graph that he drew on how at my age, hymmmm, it's was unlikely to lose, so I was to be content with that in other words...give up.

Content with what???


Liver failure?


I love life and I have more to do and lives to touch. I have family and I want to travel .. Give up? Not this girl. NOPE!

I will never forget sitting there in that moment with an, Oh Hello, Oh Hell no. I actually said that. I said I do this for a living. I had already been working on me but that just kicked it in more. I know our bodies hold things and can get sick. I also know when we release things including limiting beliefs, toxic people and actions, your body will respond. I dug into me even more. I kept the pace with the mindset of winning. I told him that when I walk back in here you'll see what telling me that I can't on something really shifts to. Plus, I many others come in here leaving feeling deflated with now hope. I am not leaving that legacy.

Guess what, when I walked back in there.. 60# down and all of my tests NORMAL you bet I had a HUGE GRIN! He asked me if I was taking meds? I said NOPE!

Soooo don't let others limiting beliefs sink into yours and keep you stuck. You can win at this.

It's a process at times and it can time and it can take every ounce of your soul and determination. Remember: YOU ARE WORTH IT!

My new goal is a few thigs but one is to lose10 to 15 more to be at my final number goal!  But…that's not my END goal...Growing is a life long process and its my adventure for me.

It’s not all about the destination….It in the journey that we will grow. So KEEP GOING!


My tip to my clients Is that when you hit goals, that is day 1! DAY 1!!

You then continue to put Into action what you’ve learned along the way because old creeping habits sneak In.

What is really cool is...Even If they do creep in , if you’ve been working on you, You’ll shift faster! Boom

That what is exciting! Building that foundation is a game changer. Personal development and releasing limiting beliefs and actions are the master keys too.

Yes, sometimes when you are that close to a goal, It can SEEM to get harder to get there at times. So I ask...what am I learning or what is holding me back? I answer it.


With losing weight: The body loses slower sometimes closer to goal and we can be tempted to quit or cave too much which leads us to a backwards spiral…

Then the shame cloud floats In and you know the story..

Also Remember:

We can feel good already after hitting a few goals and then put the guard down and lose that drive.. DONT GO THERE!

Do not toe dip In It!

I decided to keep going and to follow through! Mission minded!

I like stacking wins!

I am on this journey along with you!

So I’m owning my decision and claiming It out loud!


If you are dealing with struggles and have heard similar things, then reach out. If you have hit bumps in the road... its just bumps in the road. I will jump those bumps with you because I care.

I want you to stack your wins too! So lets do this.

Here is a link to my free health assessment !

Lets get started!

I look forward to it!

Your Health Coach,


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