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Tips For Eating Healthy At Thanksgiving

Tips for eating healthy at Thanksgiving!

~ Drink lots of water! Drinking at least 64 oz. before gathering will help control cravings and overeating.

~Keep a water bottle in your dominate hand to avoid mindless snacking! You can drink the water instead and if your hand is busy your not reaching for unhealthy foods.

~DO NOT save up calories by starving yourself for your Thanksgiving meal. By the time you eat your starving=bad choices and over eating.

~ Fuel your body every 2-3 hours with healthy small mini meals (almonds, string cheese, turkey or fuelings those on plan

~Choose a smaller plate and look at all your food options before piling food on the plate. Fill your plate with healthy options like turkey, small amount of ham, veggies.

~If you love stuffing, sweet potatoes, etc.- put 2-3 bites on your plate and eat it slowly. Avoid talking so you can savor these bites. Taste sensation comes in the first 2-3 bites and after that your just eating just to eat.

~Avoid trigger foods that you know are your downfall. If you don’t think you can have 2-3 bites without derailing then avoid completely! Sugar is highly addictive.

~Avoid the carb coma so you can enjoy your day with friends and family!

~Make the holiday about family and friends and NOT the food.

~Lastly, if you have friends or family that struggle with accepting your healthy choices or pressure you to sidetrack enlighten them. Explain to them that your working very hard on your health and it’s very important for you to maintain your healthy habits and for others to respect that.

Happy Thanksgiving my friends! Healthy For The Holidays!

Your Health Coach,


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