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The Story

Meet Your Health Coach, Tammy Taylor

I started this program  6 years ago with health issues and 50# over weight. I have dieted since I was 15. I was a chunky kid too. Can you relate?

I get the frustration of here we go again days or struggling to lose when you excessively exercise. It became quite disheartening. Then let's put health issues on top of it like thyroid, autoimmune, liver, high blood pressure and borderline diabetic to name a few.

My whole life has changed over the past 5 years not only in my own health and life but in watching 100s of lives transform. Families have changed.

So I walk this walk right with you.

I also know what it means to be losing a job and not knowing what I am going to do next. But as I say, When one door closes another opens.

I am excited you are going on this journey with me. Your whole life is about to change if you commit to yourself and step up and do the do, It's time to say yes to you and together we will create an amazing life and health story for you too. 
I have won awards for leadership and team building and such but my greatest reward is watching someone's whole life change and when I get that call that a doctor report came back great, we celebrate.


It's truly a blessing to be a a coach.

I am excited to work with you too. So, welcome.

The biggest adventure that you can take is to live the life of your dreams.png
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