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Committed & Connected

Friends in Nature


Take it from a life time dieter to another, "accountability" along with a great plan is the key to your success.

Tammy believes in you when you don't. She tells you to borrow that belief from her until you embrace it for yourself.

You are not alone on this journey.

She is a positive and empowering coach that teaches you how to win on your journey and to never quit or settle on yourself even when life shows up and you feel like giving up.
Bring a friend along and set yourself up to succeed even more! Teamwork


Tammy partners with you to create the ideal plan that will fit with your health needs and schedule.

Eating clean doesn't have to be a chore.

Together you will discover fun and easy choices that will benefit not only you but your family.

Healthy Couple
Working from Home


Tammy empowers clients so that they, too, can live an extraordinary life. Tammy helps ones unlock their potential and accomplish their goals in an incredible rewarding way while finding purpose in their employment.

Coaching is an awesome career choice that not only impacts others but it will profoundly impact your own life.

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Real SUCCESS Stories


"I love how I feel. I love this program with Tammy because it has changed my health and lifestyle. We have a lot of fun too. I started this 4 years ago and it’s been the best decision for me and my mindset. I love it! Still going strong and feeling amazing."

Diane B.


"Tammy is a awesome coach and friend. She has helped me in so many ways! When I am stuck she helps me move forward ! She truly cares about me and my journey.  She is always there when I have a question or need a pep talk ! She is helping me build my dreams and is showing me I am worth it even when I don’t feel it at times. Thank you."

Kim S.


"Since I have met Tammy , she is living the program and that is such an inspiration to me! Seeing clients that have been successful has me driven to succeed."

Jeff C.

Work With Tammy: Testimonials
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