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Perfectionism Kills Your Dreams ~ 9 Tips To Help Avoid

We so many times get so stuck in our heads and in start that we never start. Is that you?

Do you wait on the perfect day or time? Do you keep hoping you will be less busy so it will all come together? How about the mindset that you are the only one that can get the task done correctly or better said, perfectly?

The "P" word...Procrastination... You put off what needs done. Yes, procrastinate because you're afraid it wont be perfect?

If its not perfect, how do you respond or react? Do you get back in the game or do you sulk into despair?

NOTE: Its an endless cycle that will kill your joy and keep you stuck. Plus, remember that nothing is perfect and you are setting your self up to fail every time.

Here are Some quick tips to avoid Perfectionism:

  1. Make small changes by easing into small changes on your journey.

  2. Watch setting expectations too high. Find joy in the journey and celebrate small wins to motivate more wins.

  3. Be realistic...

  4. Comparison

  5. Practice saying "NO"

  6. Stop Multi-Tasking like its a badge of honor.

  7. Celebrate your wins! Yes. Especially those little ones. YOU DESERVE IT

  8. BIGGY: Delegate work to others.

  9. Lastly, Practice Self Care.


If you find this is an issue don't beat yourself up over it. Take some of tips to shift it. Maybe you'll discover the reasons why you are afraid to fail along the way.

REMEMBER: Changing the way you think changes your life.

Have an amazing day my friends!

Your Health Coach & Friend,


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