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Create A Vision Action Board

When it comes to transforming your life and building a life filled with big dreams, create a dream board or visual outline of your overall goals for the rest of 2021. Plus, let's just jump start right into 2022 with a new vision! A board or visual outline can help you achieve those dreams and conquer your health and wellbeing.

Make a unique dream board by cutting out images, quotes, and specific goals to clearly define your vision for the rest of the year and the future.

Follow these steps to create your board and feel free to share it with me, so we can partner and cross off your list, one by one!

  • Define your goals. First, set your goals. What are your overall objectives for the rest of 2021?

  • Create an action plan. Start by focusing on one of your goals and list the steps you need to accomplish that goal. Then identify the actions you need to take for each step. Set an attainable deadline and post your HEALTHY LIFESTYLE Plan on your vision board. Review your goals at the end of the month to determine if you are still on track or if any adjustments should be made.

  • Find pictures and quotes to enhance your drive. There are a wide range of magazines to search through, such as Good Housekeeping or Shape.

  • Make your board a collage. Be creative with the construction of your board. Consider pasting images on colorful backgrounds to add a bit of color or use a pattern from fabric.

  • Add words of encouragement. Reinforce your goals and overall vision by adding buzz words and words of inspiration that stand out, helping to strengthen your daily motivation.

  • Reflect on your learning. Journaling while creating your vision board is a great way to reflect on lessons you’ve learned, keep track of healthy tips, and document your physical and emotional reactions on your health journey. This can help identify what is working well or if there are any changes that you can make.

  • Share your dream board. When your dream board is finished, let's talk about your visions, dreams, and goals out loud, taking another step toward making them come true and attainable in the near future.

  • Put it into ACTION. Take a look at your future self and bring that confident man or woman into today! Show up as a "10!" YOU ARE THE CEO OF YOUR LIFE! If you want your dreams to start coming true, you have to first believe they will and then second don't wait to be happy when you GET them. Bring that happy to your day everyday and watch what unfolds.

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